8 Best Sox The Cat Moments

There are a few rules that Disney movies seem to follow in terms of their themes. One that rules above all others is adorability. If the main character isn’t a cute critter that can be marketed to heck and back, then there needs to be an animal companion.

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Take a look at the past Disney movies and count how many animal companions there are in them. The majority must be well over half. For Lightyear, Buzz is accompanied by a robot cat named Sox. As one of the best characters in the movie, he deserved his list of achievements.

There will be spoilers for Lightyear ahead.

8 Sox’s Introduction

Sox’s introduction to Lightyear is great. His animation is stilted like a robot cat kids can buy today. The animations should be smoother as this is a robot in the future. However, making Sox move more robotically adds to the older sci-fi feel that the film is going for.

Sox’s badgering of Buzz is great in this introductory scene but the end of this moment is like the cherry on top. When he starts making white noise for Buzz to fall asleep to, that’s when the real laughs will start to clap in.

7 Inventing Fuel

Buzz doesn’t think much of Sox at first. He thinks it’s just a weird companion robot cat to help him cope with the loss of his friend Alisha. When Buzz tells Sox to figure out a fuel solution, he thinks he is being funny. How found a cat solve complex equations?

However, Sox is no ordinary robot cat. It takes him decades but Sox eventually cracks the fuel code for Buzz. The amazement on Buzz’s face is priceless. It’s also funny watching Sox, who is a cat, poorly navigating a computer.

6 Sox’s Dart

Another surprising moment happens shortly after Sox uncovers the new fuel code. Having escaped the soldiers who wanted to decommission Sox, Buzz and the cat are on the run. Buzz needs to find his ship so that he can test out the new fuel and hopefully save his civilization.

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When they run into a human guard in the launch bay, Sox knocks them out with a blow dart. This is shocking since the robot never showed he had weapons before this moment. The unexpected jokes are what make Sox one of the best characters in Lightyear though. He’s like a regular Solid Snake with that kind of dart technology.

5 Sox’s Hacking Skills

Sox can not only discover new fuel formulas via computers, but he can also hack into them. When Buzz and Sox continue their escape, command shuts down the bay doors closing thus preventing them from taking off. That’s when Sox unveils he has a USB connector in his tail. With a quick hack, Sox can close the doors.

The cat can be thanked for ultimately being the one that truly secured their escape route. What did Buzz do in this situation besides carrying Sox? Is there anything this cat can’t do?

4 Floating Sox

Some of Sox’s best moments happen minutes apart, as illustrated with that escape sequence. Another great moment doesn’t happen until about midway through Lightyear. After one disastrous attempt at staging an uprising against the robot army, Buzz and his recruits try another plan. This time they have to sneak through a bug-infested hanger bay to get to a ship.

Thankfully they have stealth camouflage. This only works on the suits though. So, even though Buzz is hidden, Sox, who is inside the protagonist’s helmet, can be seen. It’s like he’s floating around or something, which is awkwardly funny.

3 Sox’s Scanning Noises

Sox has two ways he can for things, and both involve his head spinning around as if he is surveying the area with an invisible radar. Sometimes he says “Bepo” on repeat while other times he says “Meow” until his analysis is complete.

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These moments are equally hilarious and a bit unsettling too. Seeing a head spin around like that on a cat, robot or not, just doesn’t sit right. It is a low-key horrifying detail in this sci-fi epic.

2 Chasing The Laser Pointer

Sox barely acts like a cat in Lightyear. When he is first introduced, Buzz tells him to go chase after his robot mouse companion. It seems like Sox thinks this is beneath him which is when Buzz jokingly tells Sox to invent some new fuel.

However, Sox isn’t incapable of acting like a cat. He purrs when Izzy pets him. Toward the end of the movie, Sox activates a flashlight within his eyes and starts chasing the reticle around. As tough as Sox wants to act, he’s a cat at heart beneath that cool metal shell.

1 Sox’s Torch

The dart coming out of Sox’s mouth was unexpected and hilarious; however, one moment toward the end of Lightyear tops both of the dart scenes. When the crew needs something welded open, Sox says he can help. He starts coughing like he is going to throw up a hairball but instead a blow torch comes out of Sox’s mouth.

Sox is like the Inspector Gadget of pets. Buzz should have read his manual at some point. Who knows what other secrets were hiding within that adorable body of Sox’s.

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