Cape Cod Opinion: Politics is found everywhere

Every damn thing is political. Everything under the sun. In the clouds. We earth. Is political. Is this only in America? That’s hard to know because we live in In God We Trust America, the United States of America where God, trust and states are political.

It’s June, gardening time on Cape Cod, in America. Gardening is political. Plants get diseases and invite pests. Chemicals to kill the pests and get rid of the diseases are political as are the companies that make the stuff. Russian olive and burning bush shrubs are invasive. Who knew this decades ago? Now they intrude/invade neighbors’ properties and spring up among the mountain laurels and rhodies. Invasive plants are now illegal to grow. Things legal or illegal are political, so burning bushes and Russian olive shrubs are political. Nowadays, anything Russian is political. People are boycotting Russian restaurants and vodka.

Housing is political. Some showoffs build mansions and trophy houses here and on our islands. The term showoffs is political. So are the houses they have built by builders whose jobs are to build buildings that make them as much money as possible. Cluster housing is very political, and so are so-called low- and moderate-income housing. Congregate living, where living space is shared, is political, especially where people have to share bathrooms.

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