Cat’s tail is just happy to go along for the ride

Everybody knows, cats have nine lives. Give or take, nine lives. This the statistical cat average, nine lives. Yet to include cat isotopes such as calico and tiger stripe as may or may not have nine…give or take…lives.

In farm circles it is said a calico cat is a required element of the homestead, as a charm against barn fires. The rule being if you have a barn you ought to have a calico cat. Never mind calico is a recessive gene harbored in what appears an otherwise ordinary cat, this alone is not enough to prevent a barn fire. Same thing happens with freckles and red hair, both recessive genes, whether they prevent barn fire is unresearched.

I will not go into the research portfolio as whether red hair and/or freckles are preventive of anything. If I have heard an opposite theory that red hair can cause a barn fire. Personal research indicates this is probably false and racist, if I am of the opinion that red hair and/or freckles deserve their own race.

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