Places to see and eat in Pueblo for Andenucio Tournament teams, fans

The 42nd annual Tony Andenucio Memorial Baseball Tournament is set to get underway in Pueblo this week, and while the tournament will feature 37 games in four days, there will still be plenty of downtime for coaches, players and families to get away from the ballpark and Pueblo experience.

Here are some of the top places to go and eateries to try during your stay in the Home of Heroes:

The Historic Arkansas Riverwalk

Places to see and things to do

Take a stroll on the Pueblo Riverwalk: One of Pueblo’s top scenic areas is its downtown, which is chock-full of shops, restaurants, and things to do. At the heart of downtown is the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk, which is the cultural and entertainment hub of Pueblo. It features countless opportunities for shopping and dining as well as activities like boat rides or quiet riverside strolls.

Brighten up your night with a trip to Neon Alley: Those who venture downtown should also make sure to check out Neon Alley — a city alley near the Pueblo Union Depot historic railroad station, 132 W. B St., that’s filled with the vibrant colors of antique neon lights. Neon Alley is a great place to stop for a quick photo-op.

Lake Pueblo.

Beat the heat at Lake Pueblo State Park: The most popular state park in Colorado is a short drive from Pueblo city limits and features opportunities for boating, waterskiing, camping, fishing, hiking, biking and everything in between. A daily vehicle pass to visit the park is $10.

Liam Cover, 2, watches a river otter swim by during a trip to the Pueblo Zoo.

Walk on the wild side at the Pueblo Zoo: The Pueblo Zoo in the heart of Pueblo’s City Park is home to more than 420 animals representing 140 species from mammals, birds and reptiles, to fish, amphibians, arthropods and invertebrates. The zoo is open from 9 am to 5 pm daily.

El Pueblo History Museum, 301 N. Union Ave.

Take a trip through Pueblo history: There are several one-of-a-kind museums to check out in Pueblo. They include the Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, a renowned museum housed in two airport hangars filled with important artifacts in military and aviation history; El Pueblo History Museum, which showcases southern Colorado’s cultural and ethnic groups and includes a re-created 1840s adobe trading post alongside a historical excavation site; and the Sangre de Cristo Arts and Conference Center, a multi-disciplinary center for the arts that features art galleries, performing arts and the Buell Children’s Museum.

A famous menu item at Gray's Coors Tavern is the slopper.  It is believed to have originated at the tavern.

Experience some Pueblo favorites

Gorge on a signature slopper: One of Pueblo’s culinary claims to fame is the “slopper” — a local specialty that features a hearty cheeseburger smothered in Pueblo green chile. Many restaurants in Pueblo have some version of a slopper and some of the best spots in town to try one include Grays Coors Tavern, 515 W. Fourth St., Sunset Inn, 2808 Thatcher Ave, and Rita’s Mexican Food, 302 N. Grand Ave.

The Super Pass Key Special is an Italian sausage sandwich with American, swiss, and provolone cheese served on a mini-loaf with mustard, lettuce, french fries and mild peppers.

Enjoy a Pass Key Special: Pass Key restaurants are a must-stop for first-time visitors to Pueblo. The restaurant’s mainstays include the Pass Key Special, a homemade Italian sausage sandwich, and the Super Pass Key Special, a homemade Italian sausage sandwich smothered in American, Swiss and provolone cheeses.

There are Pass Key restaurants at 1901 WUS Highway 50 and 3416 W. Northern Ave. as well as a Pueblo West location at 82 S. Radnor Drive.

Do Drop Inn, 1201 S. Santa Fe Ave, is famous for its sweet signature crust.

Try a unique pizza in Pueblo: Some of the best specialty pizzas in Southern Colorado can be found at the Do Drop Inn, a local favorite that’s famous for its sweet pizza crusts and delicious pies. The restaurant has two Pueblo locations, one in Pueblo West at 944 E Kimble Dr., and another at 1201 S Santa Fe Ave. that’s just a stone’s throw away from Runyon Field Sports Complex.

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