Underweight Injured Horse Named April Gets Urgent Medical Help. Now She Eats Birthday Cake

When The Gentle Barn in Missouri took in a new lonely senior horse at their sanctuary, she was extremely thin and in pretty rough shape. When her previous owner began to have health and financial difficulties, it was in her best interest to relocate to the sanctuary where she would receive the proper care she desperately needed. The animal hospital determined that she had a very high parasite count, which was why she was so underweight. Her teeth were also so sharp that it’s been difficult for her to eat. Her hooves were so long that her feet also required continuous work, and it was determined that her left front foot had tendon damage, said The Gentle Barn in an Instagram post.

@thegentlebarn More information + story time coming soon 🤍 #rescue #horsesoftiktok #animals #sanctuary ♬ original sound – ᥫ᭡.

April was treated for parasites and received dental care. With the help of special padded shoes, she feels much more comfortable and has an added pep in her step, added The Gentle Barn. However, that wasn’t all. April had a clogged tear duct that needed draining and needed an array of bloodwork panels. To top of it all, she received a medicated bubble bath to treat a skin infection on her back.

@thegentlebarn RESCUE UPDATE: After spending last week at the hospital with our cofounder @jayweinervp, our newest rescue is finally home at #TheGentleBarn Missouri ❤️ #animals #horsetok #fyp ♬ State Lines – Novo Amor

After spending so much time being treated in the hospital, April was relieved to finally be able to enjoy her new warm, cozy stall and a new place to call home, where she will get all the care she needs, and a barn full of friends to spend time with.

@thegentlebarn The moment she realized this was her happily ever after 🥹 #rescuehorse #sanctuary #farmlife #horsesoftiktok #fyp ♬ State Lines – Novo Amor

“The moment she realized this was her happily ever after. When April was rescued in late March, we let her get acclimated to #TheGentleBarn Missouri in her own space. Now that she’s all settled in, she’s sharing the barnyard with all her new friends—and loving every minute!” said The Gentle Barn in an Instagram post.

@thegentlebarn You’re never too old for birthday cake! #happybirthday #rescuehorse #animalrescue #fyp ♬ original sound – The Gentle Barn

“You’re never too old for birthday cake. Our newest rescue April celebrated her 28th trip around the sun with carrot cake, singing, and lots of new friends! She’s settling in beautifully at #TheGentleBarn Missouri, and we can’t wait to watch her thrive as she lives out her golden years in the peace and comfort of sanctuary,” said The Gentle Barn in an Instagram post.

We couldn’t have done any of this without your support! Her medical care is and will continue to be costly, but it’s worth every penny to see this sweet girl begin the next chapter of her life healthy and happy, the sanctuary added.

You can donate to The Gentle Barn here to help them continue their amazing rescues and provide some of the most neglected and abused animals with the medical treatments that they need.

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