How To Evolve Wimpod in Pokémon GO

Similar to Magikarp in Pokémon GO, Trainers must collect a massive amount of Candy to evolve their Bug and Water-type Wimpod into Golisopod.

One of the Pokémon that will appear more often in the wild during the Pokemon GO‘s Pokemon TCG Crossover Event is Wimpod, a small Bug- and Water-type arthropod. Accordingly to its lore, this arthropod Pokémon is cowardly by nature and cautious of noise and sudden movements. Nevertheless, it can be rather curious and approach Trainers who are standing still. Luckily, these characteristics do not apply in the AR world, as Wimpod in Pokemon GO will spawn in the wild near Trainers, whether moving or remaining stationary.

After catching Wimpod in Pokemon GO, Trainers will naturally be curious as to how they can evolve their new Bug- and Water-type arthropod. Conversely, some may want to keep their Wimpod unevolved to use it in specific low-CP PvP Cup. After all, when equipped with the Fast Move Struggle Bug and Bug Buzz as its Charge Move, this Pokémon is a decent counter against opponents such as Abra, Slowpoke, or Exeggcute. However, those aiming to see their little bug reach its full potential as a hard-scale Pokémon will need to meet a specific condition before evolution is possible.


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Wimpod’s second and only other evolution form is Golisopod, a massive Bug- and Water-type Pokémon characterized by a bipedal humanoid design. To evolve Wimpod in Pokemon GO, Trainers must accumulate 400 Candies and feed them to the Pokémon. No other prerequisites are needed, such as an Evolution Item or a specific time of day. Still, 400 Candies can be intimidating, especially for those who do not know how to amass such a massive amount of Candy before the Pokemon TCG Crossover Event ends on June 30.

Evolving Wimpod Into Golisopod In Pokémon GO

How To Evolve Wimpod in Pokémon GO

To get 400 Candy for Wimpod’s evolution, Trainers will need to catch dozens of Wimpods. Since its spawn rate is increased for the current event’s duration, now would be the best time to hunt for Wimpod in the wild. An ideal way to further speed up the process would be to use Pinap Berries whenever Trainers get into an encounter with Wimpod. These consumables will double the amount of Candy the Trainer will receive from a successful catch. However, bear in mind that Pinap Berries in Pokemon GO can only be acquired by Trainers who’ve already attained Level 18 and above.

Besides wild encounters, Trainers can also catch more Wimpod for Candy by completing specific Pokemon TCG Crossover Event-related FieldResearch Tasks, such as “Spin 5 PokéStops or Gyms.” The third and final method to accumulate Wimpod Candy is by battling the arthropod Pokémon in a Tier-1 Raid. Naturally, this is the least effective and most time-consuming way of gathering Candy. Still, it is a decent source of valuable rewards for Raid completion.

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Pokemon GO is available on iOS and Android.

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