Ulster County Dog Shelter Thrilled with Donations New York

Back on June 15th, 2022 we told you about the Ulster County SPCA being over capacity and out of dog food. They put out an urgent call for supplies and we are happy to update this story with the news that they have stocked the shelves again thanks to your generosity.

The Ulster County SPCA took to Facebook today to say “Look What You Did” in a big thank you post to everyone who gave so that the dogs in their care don’t miss a meal. The statistics for what they received are overwhelming and so well deserved. The Ulster County SPCA like so many of our animal shelters in the Hudson Valley relies on donations for a lot of what they do.

Ulster County SPCA Says Thank You for the Donations

Ulster County SPCA via Facebook

Ulster County SPCA via Facebook

I am going to assume by looking at the numbers that if you are a pet parent in the Hudson Valley and hear the cry to donate you did. I will also go as far as to say that if you are a Hudson Valley animal lover you probably donated as well. Nowadays with all the online options, it is easy and quick to get shelters what they need.

Ulster County SPCA via Facebook

Ulster County SPCA via Facebook

But not everyone donated online. Some donated in-person including the adorable Chihuahua that unofficially won the cutest delivery person contest. Whether it came by truck, trailer or person doesn’t matter. What does matter is this story has a happy ending. According to the Ulster County SPCA 10 Trucks from Amazon.com, UPS, and FedEx plus some DoorDash and in-person donations added up to almost 1,100 cans of wet food and 13,686 pounds of dry food.

Not only are our shelter and community pantry shelves fully stocked, but we are able to help other food pantries and shelters in Ulster County to make sure every dog ​​goes to bed with a full belly! THANK YOU to everyone for donating and caring so much or our canine friends!! (UCSPCA via Facebook)

How to Help the Ulster County SPCA

Now, this is the part where I am gonna take it one step further. If you are thinking about adding a pet to your family please think about adding a shelter pet. If you aren’t sure maybe try fostering a pet until they find their forever home which by the way often ends up being yours. We joke and call it a failed foster. You say you are just going to care for them until they find a “real” home and then you end up not being able to give them up because they have become part of your family and that is ok.

Another point I want to make is about how the UCSPCA is also helping stock food pantries. We still have a food crisis in this country and the rise in the price of everything isn’t helping. Please also consider when you give to a food bank you also donate pet supplies. Very often families in need of assistance have pets. And all too often they end up in a shelter when the family can no longer afford to feed them due to no fault of their own.

Ulster County SPCA via Facebook

Ulster County SPCA via Facebook

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