Massive Theme Park Officially Names New Coaster After Hilarious Malfunction

We recently reported on the hilarious incident that occurred while Flamingo Land was running tests on the park’s newest coaster, with water dummies flying through the air as the trains reached the final inversions of the track. The coaster was rumored to be named Inversion, but the name of this new attraction was just officially released.

Credit: Flamingo Land

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Flamingo Land recently announced that his massive project had been named “Sik” in honor of Sik Silk, a well-known world fashion brand with local links. A spokesperson for the park stated:

We are proud to announce that we are working with our great friends at Sik Silk, a well-known world fashion brand with very local links.

The owner of Flamingo Land and Sik Silk Gordon Gibb and Sam Kay, David Johnston and Barry Gill have been friends for years and they wanted to join their two successful local brands and tell their respective stories in an exciting project, and what better backdrop than a new world-class roller coaster.

Both companies are a true British success story with very local roots. Sik Silk based in Scarborough with the three owners being born and bred there and started their company from one of their bedrooms on a Scarborough Council Estate.

Since the hilarious malfunction, Flamingo Land has released an official POV video of the park’s newest attraction, showing the thrilling dips and inversions Guests will experience once Sik officially opens. You can see the video below or click here to watch it.

More on Sik

Sik will be Flamingo Land’s newest roller coaster. Originally scheduled to open in 2020, the attraction was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and pushed back until summer 2022. The nearly £20 million thrill ride will feature ten inversions through over 2800 feet of track, reaching speeds of over 50 miles per hour and taking 24 daring Guests on a 108 feet high journey.

Inversion at Flamingo Land
Credit: Flamingo Land

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This coaster was initially manufactured by Intamin for Hopi Hari Theme Park in Brazil, but due to financial problems from the Brazilian Park, the coaster had to be sold after being in storage for several years, making its way to Flamingo Land for thrill-seekers to enjoy.

More on Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land Resort, located in North Yorkshire, England, is a theme park that houses over thirty rides and attractions for the whole family to enjoy. From thrilling roller coasters like Mumbo Jumbo, Cliff Hanger, Pterodactyl, Hero, Velocity, and Kumali to more family-friendly rides, like Zooom, Lost River Ride, Dino Roller, Vortex, Voodoo, and Twistosaurus.

The Park is also home to a zoo with over sixty species of animals, between mammals, farm animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. Flamingo Land’s zoo also offers some exclusive animal interactions and experiences, as well as educational activities and talks.

Flamingo Land aerial view
Credit: Flamingo Land

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