Spend the summer with Thor or Midnight and Sassy

Summer is finally here! Well, unofficially at least! While Memorial Day Weekend trips to the shore are a Jersey tradition, with gas prices and endless road construction, finding summer fun closer to home sounds like a pretty good idea. The first step in planning the perfect summer stay-dates? Finding a friend to keep you company, of course! Thor, Midnight and Sassy would love to spend all summer with you- as well as fall, winter and spring. And unlike your human pals, these furry friends are always available.

Pets of the Week: Midnight, Sassy and Thor https://www.burlingtoncountytimes.com/story/lifestyle/2022/05/27/burlington-nj-adopt-pets-of-the-week-rottweiller-sassy-cats- summer-fun/9934148002/

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Two’s company, but three’s a party. Midnight and Sassy are a package-deal, and this is one deal you don’t want to pass up.

These adorable girls were adopted together as kittens, but recently returned to the shelter as their owner couldn’t care for them any longer. Both gals are absolutely gorgeous, and have the personalities to match. Midnight has a silky, raven-haired coat and bright golden eyes, while Sassy has a warm tabby-calico coat.

"Don't tell my sister, but I'm clearly the pretty one..." -Midnight

These young ladies are a little scared to be back in the shelter after spending four years in a home, but they are making the best of the situation. Sassy and Midnight are friendly, lovable girls who like attention and love being petted. In fact, both girls love being petted so much that they each have their own adorable YouTube videos! Check out Midnight and Sassy enjoying the affections of a volunteer (Search FriendsofBCAS on YouTube).

"Don't tell my sister, but we pretend that she's the pretty one..." -Sassy

They love to cuddle and play with each other, and while they are BFF, they are eager to add a new family to their clique. Sassy and Midnight are very well-socialized and even lived with dogs and kids in their former home.

Submit an adoption application online through the Burlington County Animal Shelter’s Petango page (petango.com, enter the shelter’s zip code of 08060, then go to the shelter page and click on Midnight or Sassy’s picture), then call the shelter at 609-265- 5073 (ext. 4) to set up a meeting.

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