‘Mammals of Ohio’ book features more than 50 animal species

Over four decades have passed since the last definitive work on Ohio’s mammals. In 1981, “A Guide to the Mammals of Ohio” was released, with detailed accounts of 54 species of mammals. It was authored by University of Cincinnati mammologist Jack Gottschang.

Lots of changes have occurred in Ohio’s mammal populations in the intervening 41 years. Some species have become more common, and others rarer. New information has been learned about most species, and their ranges have been further elucidated. And advances in publishing techniques and photography allow for a much showier book about the hairy crowd.

“Mammals of Ohio” updates Gottschang’s book in a slick package peppered with excellent photographs and much new information. The authors are well-respected Ohio mammalogists John Harder (Ohio State University) and Guy Cameron (University of Cincinnati).

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