The Biggest Fish You Can Catch In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

ACNH is full of fish for players to catch, but some of the largest fish lay just beneath the water’s surface during certain times of the year.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a total of 80 fish that players can catch, but some fish are much larger than others. The simplest way to tell a fish’s size is by the shadow they leave in the water. The smallest fish will cast a small shadow, while the biggest fish available in the game will cast the biggest shadow.

Fishing is a necessity in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for players trying to complete their museum. However, it is also a fun pastime for players wanting to earn extra bells or make fish trophies to use as decorations. There is also the Animal Crossing fishing tournament. From the ocean, rivers, lakes, and ponds, there is plenty of fish can be found in the game, with some fish only available during certain times of the year and during certain times of the day.


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Some of the biggest fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are rare and require certain conditions in order to be caught, which means some players may spend hours or days searching for a single one. The good news is some of these big and rare fish will be worth a lot of bells. Finding these fish will depend on the season and time of day to catch them.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Biggest Fish – Coelacanth

coelacanth animal crossing catch

The coelacanth casts one of the largest shadows in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. A salt-water fish described by Blathers as being around since “the age of the dinosaurs,” this fish is a living fossil. This catchable living fossil is one of the fish in ACNH that is worth the most, costing 15,000 Bells in Nooks Cranny and 22,500 Bells to CJ The Coelacanth is available all day and night year-round, but it has to be raining for this fish to spawn. So, this fish is only available during the rainy season. The price and rarity of this fish make it a popular fish in ACNH.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Arapaima Is Another Big Fish

Animal Crossing New Horizons Arapaima

A fresh-water fish found in rivers; the arapaima appears in the summer from 4 pm to 9 am. The arapaima is the largest river fish in ACNH. It is another rare fish that the player may spend hours and days searching for. It is the third most expensive fish in the game, costing 10,000 Bells in Nooks Cranny and 15,000 Bells when sold to CJ

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Sea Serpent Look-Alike Oarfish

Animal Crossing Oarfish

The third-largest fish and one of Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘weirdest fish is the oarfish. Found in the ocean, the oarfish is one of the creepiest looking fish in the game. Its long and slim body shape resembles a sea monster, and it is fitting this fish is one of the largest fish players can catch. Blathers even says this fish can supposedly reach “36 feet in length.”

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The oarfish is available in the northern hemisphere from December to May, and in the southern hemisphere, it is found from June to November. It is available all day and has no specific weather conditions to catch. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players can sell this fish for 9,000 Bells in Nooks Cranny, and 13,500 Bells when sold to CJ

ACNH’s Gentle Ocean Sunfish Is One Of The Biggest Fish To Catch

The Ocean Sunfish is available in the Northern Hemisphere in Animal Crossing: New Horizons starting in July

The ocean sunfish is one of the Animal Crossing fish that appears in July. It is one of the summer fish that has a fin protruding from the water. Despite having the ominous fin and casting a very large shadow, Blathers describes the ocean sunfish as being a “fairly relaxed species.” Found during the day from 4 am to 9 pm, the sunfish is easy to catch and is not very expensive. Players will get 4,000 Bells for them in Nooks Cranny, and 6,000 Bells from CJ

The Biggest Fish In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Are Sharks

Animal Crossing New Horizons Whale Shark Title

The largest fish available in ACNH are all the sharks. The Saw, Great White, Hammerhead, and Whale shark all cast very large shadows with their fin sticking out of the water. Catching sharks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is only possible during the summer months. The Whale Shark is available all day, while the Saw, Great White, and Hammerhead can only be caught from 4 pm to 9 am. They are easy to fish for during the summer, and are a great way for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players to earn Bells.

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