The Best Enchantments For Swords

Enchanting is an important part of the Minecraft experience to learn when you want to maximize your potential in-game. That’s especially true for combat, where you have multiple enchantments are at your disposal and one advantage can prevent you from dying, whether it’s against mobs in a survival game or another player in PvP.

RELATED: Minecraft: Relatable Things Every Player DoesThe game’s de jure combat weapon, the sword, has the most possible enchantments out of any tool. With the ten available for your choosing, some are bound to be more useful than others, depending on what they offer and in what situations they turn out to be useful.


10 Curse of Vanishing

There’s not much to say here; Curse of Vanishing is literally a negative enchantment. While it’s not as bad as, say, the Curse of Binding enchantment you could find on a piece of armor, it’s still not great to have.

The Curse of Vanishing causes a sword to disappear upon its user’s death. While this means nothing in a hardcore world, it would be quite a bad break to die with a Curse of Vanishing sword on hand, especially if it’s made of valuable material like diamond or netherite.

9 Bane of Arthropods

The Bane of Arthropods enchantment is the worst among the non-detrimental ones (ie Curse of Vanishing), simply because its benefit is felt the least, generally speaking.

The enchantment deals more damage to arthropod mobs, namely spiders, cave spiders, bees, silverfish, and endermites. While it would be great to enchant a specialized sword meant to kill those specific mobs, none of those mobs are particularly dangerous, aside from maybe cave spiders and silverfish. Plus, with Bane of Arthropods, you prevent yourself from enchanting a sword with other, arguably better damage-related enchantments like Smite or Sharpness.

8 Unbreaking

Anything that delays the supposedly inevitable fate of your sword breaking would be nice to have, and Unbreaking provides that. The enchantment reduces your sword’s (and any other tools’) durability reduction, effectively prolonging your sword’s lifespan.

While this is nice, it’s certainly not better than Mending, another one-size-fits-all enchantment that deals with durability. Tools with Unbreaking are still bound to break eventually, while tools with Mending can effectively last forever. It takes experience points for that to happen, but mobs are an infinite entity that can always be linked upon to drop experience points.

7 Sweeping Edge

While most have opted to use axes for combat, especially in the PvP space, the sword offers one advantage the ax doesn’t: the ability to hit multiple opponents at once with a sweep attack. This works especially well when surrounded by multiple mobs, probably making the sword more ideal in survival-focused gameplay.

RELATED: Ways To Make Minecraft Survival More ChallengingThe Sweeping Edge enchantment deals more damage through sweeping attacks, meaning you can deal even more damage to multiple entities at once. It’s not incompatible with any other enchantment, either, so you can combine it with another damage-dealing enchantment to pack on the power even further.

6 Sharpness

The all-around damage-dealing enchantment, Sharpness, adds a few points of melee damage to your sword. Like Bane of Arthropods, it comes with five levels of enchantment.

It ranks relatively low on this list because while it adds damage given to every mob, the amount of added damage is significantly higher on Smite and Bane of Arthropods swords used on their respective mobs. That said, you never know what you might run into when exploring, so it’d be nice to have a good all-around sword with a Sharpness enchantment. Not to mention, it’s the only sword enchantment that works on the Ender Dragon.

5 Looting

There’s nothing wrong with getting more valuable, valuable loot. While a Fortune pickaxe probably has more to offer in that camp when used on diamond ore and the like, it’s great for, say, doubling up your food when slaughtering your farm animals.

It would rank higher on the list if it worked all the time, but the enchantment doesn’t affect certain loot drops that would really be useful, like totem of undying drops from an evoker. Still, having a Looting sword on hand would be extremely helpful for getting ender pearls and blaze rods.

4 Fire Aspect

Fire damage is an invaluable asset in combat, so being able to deal with it while wielding more than a solitary flint and steel can be great to have. The Fire Aspect enchantment provides just that, at two levels of maximum enchantment.

While its best purpose is for generally dealing more damage, it’s also great for slaughtering most farm animals as it instantly cooks, say, raw pork, since it kills pigs by fire. Unfortunately, the enchantment is essentially useless in the Nether, not working on any of the mobs there except piglins, hoglins, regular skeletons, and endermen.

3 Knockback

Being in close quarters with a hostile mob can be very dangerous, so having them get back is extremely helpful. That’s what the Knockback enchantment provides, knocking regular mobs back an impressive distance at its maximum enchantment of two levels, even without the user sprinting.

RELATED: A Guide To Conquering An Abandoned MineshaftIt’s a great anti-creeper measure since it can push away creepers enough to get you away from its blast radius or even reset its explosion. Combine this with Sweeping Edge and you have a sword that can instantly get several surrounding mobs back.

2 Smith

Like Bane of Arthropods, Smite deals significantly more damage to specific mobs when applied to a sword. It ranks higher than both Sharpness and Bane of Arthropods because while Smite doesn’t necessarily work on every mob, it does work on a significant number of them.

Smite specifically deals damage to undead mobs, which includes zombies, skeletons, and any similar creatures. Crucially, it works on the Wither, so if you’re ever faced with the daunting task of fighting one, a Smite sword will do you dandy.

1 Mending

This is one of the most sought-after enchantments ever, because the value it brings is unparalleled, especially on diamond and netherite tools. The Mending enchantment restores durability with experience, meaning a tool could never break if you’re getting experience often.

Unless you’re farming experience, having Mending on any tool never hurts. It’s especially true for swords, since they’re used for killing mobs, which is the game’s main source of experience. Good luck getting it, though, since it’s inaccessible from an enchantment table, and is most often found in enchanted book trades from villagers.

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