Bolsonaro Describes Democracy Defenders as ‘Mammals’ | News

On Tuesday, Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro disparagingly criticized thousands of citizens who signed the “Letter to Brazilians in Defense of the Democratic Rule of Law.”


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“That manifesto was signed by bankers, artists, and… mammalian businessmen,” the former Capitan said wryly, adding that “there are no left-wing businessmen.”

Over the last week, members of the Faculty of Law of the University of Sao Paulo have been promoting this letter through social networks and calling on Brazilians to sign it to show their rejection of any coup attempt.

In a matter of a few hours, the citizen initiative achieved the support of over 640,000 signers, including ten former judges of the Brazilian Supreme Court, who have been permanently attacked by Bolsonaro.

His reaction against the businessmen and bankers who signed the letter is related to his desperation in the face of the October presidential elections. So far, all voting intention polls indicate that Workers’ Party candidate Lula da Silva will be the next president of Brazil.

Bolsonaro has been trying to overcome his weaknesses by exacerbating evangelism and appeals to the female electorate. While implementing these strategies, he was confident that the capitalists would be faithful to his cause. But that, apparently, is not happening.

“Everyone in the Bolsonarist ship knows that when ‘the capital’ changes sides it is because the ship has already sunk. The announced shipwreck is due to the bad helmsman, who is lazy and bored, and does not know how to steer the ship, “Ricardo Noblat explained in an article published in the Brazilian outlet Metropolis.


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