Friendly Dolphin Turns Violent and Went on a Rampage, Injuring Two Swimmers in Japan

A dolphin attacked and injured two swimmers in Japan last weekend. The dolphin attack occurred on the waters off a beach in the Ayukawa district of Fukui prefecture. The unsuspecting victims also suffered minor wounds. This adds to the latest series of incident which forced local authorities to issue warning for beachgoers to avoid the marine mammals.

The authorities have also installed warning signs at the Koshino beach, where an apparent lone dolphin has attacked a number of people recently. The increased measures placed by authorities came after the cascade of dolphin assaults in the region last month. The lurking threat also led to the emergency of some theories on whether the dolphin’s aggressive behavior is caused by humans or not.

However, local sources also reported the attacks consist of not one but many dolphins in the same coastal area in Koshino, where related cases have been seen as early as April 2022. While it is still unclear if certain anthropogenic or natural factors have caused such behavior , separate yet related incidents show dolphins also possess an innate tendency for violence.

The animal attack reminds us of the previous warnings by experts, including animal behaviorists. The warning indicates that the friendly, sociable-looking dolphins that were thought they we are also capable of engaging in aggressive behavior. Possessing a degree of intelligence, the mammals also reportedly experience emotional stress, leading to unprovoked attacks on humans.

Japan Dolphin Attack

(Photo: Photo by RAYMOND ROIG/AFP via Getty Images)

The Fukui Coast Guard Station on Monday, August 8, stated they received a call regarding the dolphin attack at around 11:40 am local time on Sunday, August 7. The station highlighted the two swimmers were a 39-year-old woman and a 50-year-old man, as cited by The Epoch Times.

Coast guard officials reportedly said the woman was in the waters, located 15 meters offshore Koshino beach, when a dolphin slammer her back. The mammal continued to bit her on her palm and wrist when she attempted to get back into the shoreline.

Meanwhile, the male swimmer was bitten on his palm and elbow when he attempted to help the woman by driving away the dolphin.

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Dolphin Behavior

According to SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, bottlenose dolphins engage in social organization and formed a group known as “a pod of dolphins”; however, these animals also show aggression and maintain dominance. This is done through biting, chasing, smacking their tails in the water, and among others.

In relation to the recent incident in Japan, at least 10 dolphin attacks have been reported in Fukui city since July, according to local media outlet JANI News.

Texas Coast Aggressive Dolphin

Outside Japan, an aggressive dolphin behavior incident occurred off the Texas coast in the United States in May.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) cited that the dolphin off the North Padre Island threatened both humans and the animal’s life.

The NOAA cited a report of biologists that the animal showed aggressive behavior by luring children away from their parents and swimming pets from their owners.

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