‘Fishes of the Smokies’ is the newest field guide published by GSMA

Sicklefin Redhorse … Warmouth … Black Crappie … Mottled Sculpin … Sauger … Smoky Madtom … Gilt Darter … Topminow … Mirror Shiner … Rosyside Dace … Central Stoneroller … Longnose Gar … Gizzard Shad.

Those are but a few of the 80 species of fish residing in the 2,900 miles of rivers and streams draining the tracts of land in east Tennessee and Western North Carolina set aside in 1934 as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Most knew little about this aquatic abundance until very recently, when the Great Smoky Mountains Association published “Fishes of the Smokies” by Grant Fisher.

Fisher brought years of aquatic research in and out of the water to the challenge of producing a pocket-sized field guide that could hold its own with others in the distinguished “Of the Smokies” series initiated 30 years ago.

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