The Best Moveset For Golisopod in Pokémon GO

Trainers can build Golisopod with a Bug-type Moveset to make it a formidable opponent against Grass, Psychic, and Dark Pokémon in Pokémon GO.

Golisopod is a dual-type Bug and Water Pokémon in Pokemon GO that evolves from Wimpod after being given Candy ×400. This bipedal arthropod Pokémon is massive in size, characterized by a hunched, humanoid posture. Its standard form features a pale purple body covered with a greenish-gray plating of scaled armor. Conversely, Golisopod’s alternate Shiny form has white pearl plating with a red-colored head and antennae-like Shiny Wimpod in Pokemon GO. In addition, the arrow-shaped markings on its body also change from a swampy green to a royal blue.

Referred to as the “Hard Scale Pokémon,” Golisopod is a formidable creature, capable of shielding itself from attacks and cleaving seawater in twain. Accordingly, Pokemon GO Trainers will likely be eager to see how Golisopod performs on the battlegrounds against other Pokémon. However, before players can consider Golisopod’s best Moveset in Pokemon GOthey must know the bipedal arthropod’s elemental resistances and weaknesses in combat.


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As a Bug- and Water-type Pokémon, Golisopod is resistant to Fighting-, Ground-, Steel-, Water-, and Ice-type Moves. On the other hand, Golisopod is highly vulnerable to Flying-, Rock-, and Electric-type attacks. Accordingly, putting this large arthropod up against pocket monsters like Rampardos, Electivire, or Honchkrow in Pokemon GO will undoubtedly end in a swift demise for the Hard Scale Pokémon.

Golisopod’s Best Moveset In Pokémon GO

Golisopod's Best Moveset In Pokémon GO

Golisopod can learn a variety of attacks for its Fast and Charged Moves. For Fast Moves, the Hard Scale Pokémon can use the following:

  • Waterfall: Type – Water | DPS in PvP – 13.3 | DPS in PvE – 10
  • Fury Cutter: Type – Bug | DPS in PvP – 7.5 | DPS in PvE – 5
  • Metal Claw: Type – Steel | DPS in PvP – 11.4 | DPS in PvE – 7.1

Next, here is every Charged Move Golisopod can use in battle:

  • X-Scissors: Type – Bug | DPS in PvP/PvE – 28.1
  • Aerial Ace: Type – Flying | DPS in PvP/PvE – 22.9
  • Aquajet: Type – Water | DPS in PvP/PvE – 17.3

Accordingly, here is the best Moveset in Pokemon GO for Golisopod:

  • Fast Move: Fury Cutter
  • Charged Move: X-Scissor

This Moveset maximizes Golisopod’s capability as a Bug-type against Grass, Psychic, and Dark Pokémon. If players wish to have more damage, they can switch out Fury Cutter with Waterfall. However, remember that the elemental matchup must have a weakness to Water to be effective. Similarly, X-Scissor can be swapped with Aerial Ace if Trainers feel the need for extra Flying-type damage.

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Pokemon Go is available on iOS and Android.

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