Protecting reptiles on the roadway

By the time I had brought my truck to a complete stop, I knew what was happening.

A car was stopped in front of me and the driver was standing in the opposing lane of traffic trying to “shoo” a large snake off the two-lane road. Within a matter of 10 seconds, three other cars stopped and the snake rescuer wasn’t making any progress. So out of the truck I jumped to put a quick end to the situation.

As I picked up the eastern rat snake, one of the other drivers waiting in his vehicle yelled “Get out of the way and I’ll run it over!”

Yeah, like that would ever happen.

This is a high point of the year for snake activity. Not only are we in the middle of the mating season, but the warm asphalt after a cool night is just what a cold-blooded animal needs to rev up its engines. This week, I have moved two rat snakes off the road, my son moved one and I was seconds too late for another as it was in its death throes as I drove by.

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